CompTIA Security+

         The CompTIA Security+ is a less difficult certification than some of the other certifications but it still holds value in the eye of employers.  Employers are more familiar with this certification than a lot of the other ones even though they may be prestigious.  The Security+ is also a very valuable certification for information security professionals.  Information security professionals with a CompTIA Security+ certification can make around $75,000 a year on average and in many cases experienced professionals will make even more.  Federal government employees working an information security job may be required to get this certification according to the DoD 8570.1m.  An experienced information security professional and even most novices can pass this certification with a little at home self study.  I was able to pass this certification easily by just studying the CompTIA Security + All-in-One Exam Guide on my own time.  Many of the questions in this book are the exact same questions asked on the exam. I would definitely recommend this book to other just based on the fact that it gets right down to the information covered on the test and cuts out all the rest of the filler information that you find in the boot camps and other self study books.   The CompTIA Security+ is a great starting point for people just getting into the field of information security or for employees that have already established themselves but are looking to move up in salary or position.

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