DoD 8570.1m

Many of you have stumbled upon this site as you have heard about the DoD 8570.1m requirements for all information security professionals working within the DoD.  In 2005 the Department of Defense published a manual for all agencies requiring that ALL of the employees working in the field of information security get certified at the level they are working.  These levels range from 1-3 based on the level of work that is being performed.  Within 4 years, all information security professionals HAD to be certified or they would be moved to another position.  There are a number of certifications available but a few of them have really stuck out to the DoD and they are really pushing these certifications as the baseline for each level.  Having one of these certifications will really help your resume stick out for potential DoD jobs as all information security managers are familiar with and seek out these certifications.  You will be able to stand out from the rest of the uncertified pack because they can’t even be considered for the job without one of these certifications!

Below is the 8570.1m Chart the the DoD uses to hire employees. You have to have at least one of these certification to work in the INFOSEC field for the DoD. The technical and Managerial level III employees are the highest paid, many making over $100k a year!

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