Information security or Information Assurance (IA) as it is called in many government organizations has become one of the fastest growing and highest paying fields in Information Technology today.  The threat from hackers and other foreign countries has created a HUGE need for qualified information security professionals.   Since the demand for us professionals is so high and the amount of qualified professionals is so low, the pay for our services has become VERY attractive.  Right now the easiest way to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack is to get an Information Security specific certification. There are a number of certifications available to information security professionals, but a few of them are a lot more valuable than others.  This site is a review of the most popular certifications among employers and information security professionals.   I will explain the benefits of each certification and how I was able to properly prepare myself to acquire them.   Boot camp style classes can benefit you but that is no substitution for a good self study book.  The boot camps will cram your brain with the information where a good self study book will let you actually LEARN the material while letting it sink in.

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